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Established in February 2013, SYARIKAT PAKAR TENAGA BERSATU (PTB) is a Bruneian-owned and operated company run by Bruneian professionals with a keen aspiration to contribute to Brunei Darussalam in the areas of technical education. The Company pivoted to position itself and was awarded as a government-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing the Industrial Skilled Qualification (ISQ in Welder Programme) as its first course offering in April 2014.

The push to strengthen the capabilities of our Bruneian workforce is evident in the directions given for any projects, especially mega projects and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) activities, in line with the Government of Brunei Darussalam’s strategic goal to build and strengthen human capacity and competence of its people. This is essential to increase the productivity of Brunei Darussalam’s industrial workforce in their part to help accelerate the Nation’s economic growth to the extent it can be at par with the economic growth of the region. 


PTB views this vision will be adopted and extended to all employers in the industry to ensure that every member of the workforce is provided with on-going and appropriate training to keep them abreast of the latest technological developments to assist them in their jobs.


PTB is an educational institution with the aim of becoming the leading strategic human capital developer and provider for the industry, with a confirmed deliverance of competent and qualified trainees holding international industry certifications. It now secures a foothold of being the first Bruneian Educational Institution to be affiliated with the American Welding Society (AWS), the world’s leading welding standards authority since September 2014. With this affiliation, PTB welders are certified as internationally qualified professionals for both 3G and 6G levels. Syarikat PTB is listed as an Educational Institution Member since September 2014.


November 2017 PTB was conferred as an Honorary Member of the Technical Vocational Schools and Associations of the Philippines (TEVSAPHIL) and in May 2018 as an Accredited Educational Institution and Organization by the Royal Institution Singapore (RIS).


Other standards and qualifications will be looked at, as and when the need arises for the proper qualifications to be in place for any industry.

Vision Statement

To be a leading institution of international learning and training excellence.

Mission Statement

Provide high-quality education and training that is internationally certified, upgrading competence and developing talents of current and future professionals to be industry-ready.

Organizational Values

The Core Values of Pakar Tenaga Bersatu are those values we hold which form the foundation on how we perform work and conduct ourselves.  In an ever-changing world, our values are constant. These values underlie our work, how to interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.


We promote trust and collaboration to develop leaders motivated by sustainable and superior performance. We set encouraging examples so that they can follow the ethos of leadership.


We recognize each individual’s unique talents and respect diverse life and work styles. We function in a spirit of collaboration and value human dignity.


We conduct our activities in accordance with the uppermost standards of professional behaviour and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our relations with employees, students, vendors and the stakeholders.


We acknowledge the dynamics within our industry and create ethical, optimistic solutions to  overcome them. We classify, develop and employ leading edge technology, employee development programs and process enhancement tools.


We quantify, analyse and improve productivity, procedures, tasks and ourselves to gratify clients and stakeholders. We work with passion and intellect, and are driven to exceed what has already been accomplished.

Key Strategies

  1. Harnessing the resources of the whole organisation to deliver brand promise in our professionalism, training delivery efforts, and sales and marketing.

  2. Maintaining sustainable partnerships with local and international Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) stakeholders.

  3. Creating new delivery models, new products and services around our specialisations.

  4. Capturing our specialisation in transitioning to wider educational platform.

  5. Ensuring continuous improvement in all of the services provided.

PTB Focus Area

PTB is a competitive organisation, which strives to excel with the superior objective to capitalise its ability to develop highly skilled and trained human capital requirements of Brunei Darussalam. It envisions carving out a strong presence in training and development of locals to help them acquire the right skills to become employable in the industry.


PTB offers the platform for learning and growth which it strives to be in alignment with the Industry Competency Framework (ICF), as we focus on delivering technical and non-technical training to the industry workforce that is  quality assured and fully competency-based. 


“Inspire.  Empower.  Enable.”

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