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"I wanted to have job, so this is a golden chance to apply. It was such a coincidence that when the PPK application was open, I just graduated from IBTE taking Business & Finance. I was randomly selected to enroll in the masonry course, and I absolutely did not regret studying it. In fact, I like applying my practical knowledge everyday. At first, I felt the course was challenging. A lot of things needed to be improved. However, now I get used it, therefore I enjoy accomplishing masonry work in my workplace."

- Nuramni Syukriah Binti Abu Bakar

Considered the best masonry & plasterer in take 2 trainee


"The idea of doing practical stuff, making new things and developing a useful product really interests me in learning steel craft and woodcraft. I find it interesting since the very beginning as I like doing practical stuff. The most important aspect of the woodcraft course, in my opinion, is teamwork. We must work together to make things done, otherwise things would get messy. Much of the work is divided into several groups, so the result of the final work is largely depending on the consistency of the communication of the entire group. The unique part is obviously our product is worthwhile. We have been requested few times to build simple furniture for utilities by the PPK administration."

- Mohammad Firdaus Bin Joperi

Considered the best woodcraft in take 2 trainee


"The main reason why I am interested in it is because of my fascination with doing practical and building things. Before this, I was an IT diploma student. The steel craft and woodcraft course thus provide me a range of practical skills to create and build something from scratch and learn something that is completely out of my field. This course not only enhances my skills in steelcraft, but also develops new skills in another similar course, woodcraft. Hence, it offers me a variety of practical skills. The final assessment is considered the most important in determining my theoretical and practical knowledge throughout the course."

- Wahyunul Ikhwan Bin Hj Kassim

Considered the best steel craft in take 2 trainee


"Since my previous field of interest is in Information Technology, learning the marker fitter course really does help me get out of my comfort zone. I also hope that the course provides an opportunity for me to enhance my communication and teamwork skills.  feel the course is quite tough due to the fact that I was started from the bottom. Studying from scratch is indeed not an easy task, but now I am feeling confident and comfortable with the supports of my instructor and technical assistant."

- Syazwina Nursratin @ Alai Noraida bte Thamrin

Considered the best marker fitter in Group 1 trainee


"Coming to PPK was a choice due to the difficulty in finding a job. Even having job offers, much of the salary is rather not satisfying. However, I believe that technical courses help me find a job by training, and I found market fitter does interest me a lot due its multitasking routines. I feel I really like the course because it involves in hand-on practicals, counting and measuring. Building a practical thing is compelling. There are so much to learn and do on a regular basis. Doing something different daily what makes this course unique."

- Nurul Amal Binti Abdullah

Considered the best marker fitter Group 2 trainee


"I got an interest in doing practical stuff before coming to PPK. So, by joining the welding course, I hope I could build a foundation in welding and become a welder. The technical courses such as welding is completely new to me, so this provides me with new skills and experiences. I personally very much like the course despite the challenges we face on a daily basis, from dealing with the fire to being very careful with the hazardous conditions, which are likely to affect one’s safety. The course is expected to closely work with marker fitters and emphasizes on the importance of the safety and the usage of tools and equipment."

- Hj Awg Md Azim Alishah Bin Hj Awg Md Yusof

Considered the best welder trainee

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