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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process used to identify, document, assess and recognize skills and knowledge.

The overall purpose of RPL is to help you get recognition for what you already know and do.

Skills and knowledge can come in various forms and count towards RPL. You may have gained skills or knowledge from:

  • work experience - paid or unpaid

  • volunteer work

  • school credits

  • military experience

  • travel

  • hobbies

  • independent study

  • formal education

  • workplace training

  • family and life experience

Why use Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL benefits individuals, employers, organizations and academic institutions. There are many reasons to use RPL:

  • For a personal assessment to help with:

    • career planning​

    • writing targeted resumes for self-marketing

    • preparing for an interview

    • creating a portfolio

  • gain credits in academic or skills training programs

  • gain credits toward occupational or professional licensing and certification

  • achieve different employment possibilities

  • advance your career

  • get hired

  • recognize a need for training

  • shorten training time


What are some benefits?

  • help identify personal strengths, skills, knowledge and abilities

  • help create tools for self-marketing; show what you know

  • help identify new options and choices

  • get credit at schools where RPL is used

  • help identify a broader range of your skills and knowledge

  • save time and money

  • help employers understand what you can do

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